100% All Natural Drug Free Vintage Physiques (Skinny Lifter Motivation)

I’ve been meaning to make a video like this for years now. It’s dedicated to skinny guys looking to start training and add some muscle & strength to their bodies. I myself was extremely skinny as a youngster and hated it. Once I began training on full body workout programs and eating more, I began making progress. For the general lifter, you don’t need steroids and hundreds of supplements to build muscle, all you need is a good basic training program and consistent dedication to eating and training. I hope this video motivates individuals, if it does, please voice your opinions, I’d love to read what people think. The video has been designed to purely show off drug free vintage muscle, if you care to read information about each lifter, then I suggest you pause the video when you need to. I’ve focused on physiques that were born pre-1900’s, so there should not be anyone assuming any athlete within this video is on steroids as steroids were not active until at least 1930’s onwards but more likely 1940’s onwards.

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